U 264 - Engineered Belts

NORaX U264 engineered 3-dimensional coated structured abrasive belt offering high performance in finish, cut & consistency.


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Product Description

NORaX is an engineered 3-dimensional coated abrasive product that o­ffers high performance in finish, cut and consistency. With special pattern technology, NORaX can off­er the optimal product for a wide variety of applications to increase productivity, quality and repeatability, while reducing cost, scrap and inventory.

  • NORaX utilizes evenly spaced erodable structures.
  • Multiple layers of abrasive grain for extended belt life.
  • Unique grinding aid on the surface to increase cut rate and reduce heat generation.
  • Sharp abrasives available throughout belt life.

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Customer Reviews

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Greg Bouchard

I like the fact that the joints dont give that bump every lap !!