Moen Grinding Fixtures & Tools

We are proud to bring the Moen Blade Grinding Fixture into our equipment lineup. It is by far and away the best blade grinding fixture on the market! It will allow you to increase your speed and accuracy on your grind lines, mirror match both side with ease! This fixture will profoundly change the way you make knives for the better!  

The design of this fixture allows you to flat hollow grind with its adjustable blade clamp support, angles from -22 to +22 degrees can be obtained, all from the top side. There are 9 dovetails along the base to adjust for blades up to 15”. Carbide guides are adhered the blade clamp for a plunge guide. Dual adjustable tip supports/standoffs. Hard anodized coating. Perfect fixture for small wheel hollow grinding.  It is a game changer for the Knifemaker.