Surface Conditioning Scotchbrite / Vortex

These are surface conditioning belts that, depending on grit selection, can be used for anything from burr removal to final finish blending.

Many people think of the Beartex belt as Scotchbrite. This is an upgraded, longer lasting, more consistent, version of the Beartex belt that we were selling.

Norton Rapid Prep belts are designed to carry the clean bond technology. The result is an innovative product that offers superior results and leaves perfectly finished, smear-free surfaces resulting in less rework and ultimately in cost savings.

  • Proprietary anti-smear Clean Bond™ technology.
  • Premium aluminium oxide abrasive proprietary new coating system.
  • Longer-lasting material. 
  • Available in 5 grades from extra coarse through to very fine.

  • Increased life with unique combination of good cut, finish, and life.
  • Reduces smearing, even on high nickel content alloys.
  • Less rework.
  • Cuts and finishes faster, delivers a consistent, repeatable finish.
  • Flexibility and conformability.
  • Produces a satin-like finish quicker than with standard coated abrasives.
  • Improves efficiency with eliminated steps.
  • Non-rusting, waterproof, resilient, conformable and non-conductive / non-metallic.