Bladesmith Starter Kits

Welcome to custom knife making. We get many calls from people who want to start custom knife making but don't know where to start.  With so many steel and handle material options how does someone choose the right products and at the right price?

We have listened to these questions and designed our Bladesmith Starter Kits to provide a convenient and cost effective way for the aspiring Knifemaker to get started .  

What’s included: We have two Starter Kit options that contain all of the supplies to make either one or two chef or hunting knives. The supplies include a beginner steel, easy to use handle material, brass pins, glue, sand paper and a template to help you shape your first knife.  

Our Start Kits also include Information Sheets including:  Checklist - Making a Knife, , Recommended Resources, Product Information, and Heat Treatment Recipes. 

What you will need: To make your knife you will need a hack saw to cut the blade from the steel, access to a grinder to shape your blade, a drill to make handle holes, clamps, bench vice, a round file for shaping, and a flat file to sharpen your blade.

Heat Treating your blade: Your knife blade will need to be heat treated to harden it for use. You can do that in a kiln with the Heat Treatment Recipes provided in this kit. Or you can send your blade for Professional Heat Treatment with Rob Ridley at  403 556 1113.   

Ongoing Support:  Curtis has been making knives for many years he is knowledgeable and happy to answer any questions you may have. Don’t hesitate to call him if you get stuck or want product information. Give him a call at 250 346 3000 or send him an email:

Kits are Shipped in a Canada Post Express Box $20.00  Calculated at Checkout. 

We can also customize these kits with different steels, handle materials and pins. And just about anything else. Please note: the price of kit will reflect other materials selected.  Check out these handle materials.