Buffing Compounds

Why use Buffing Compounds?

Buffing compounds are used with buffing wheels to increase the effectiveness of the wheel while it is used to cut, buff, and polish stainless steel, steel, wood and G10. These compounds should be applied to the edges of the buffing wheels.

Why are they Different Colours? 

The colours are industry standards so all manufacturers use the same colours for the amount of abrasive. 

The colours are generally a result of the pigments found in natural abrasive ingredients. The bar tends to take on the appearance of the ingredients used. In situations where the pigments create a similar colour many manufactures add a separate pigment or dye to help differentiate the products from each other.

How do I use the Different Coloured Bars?

Removing Sanding Scratches:  The coarser buffing compounds (Black and Red) are usually used to remove sanding scratches.

Shine and Finish:  The more finer compounds (White, Green and Beige) are used for creating a shine and finish. 

Mirror-Like Finish: If you want a mirror-like finish use the Purple compound. 

G-10 and Wood:  If you want to finish and shine G-!0 or wood handles then use Pink No-Scratch compound.  

How big are the bars?

Our buffing compound bars weigh between 2 lbs to 3 lbs depending on the color. This can vary because some raw materials on certain bars weigh less than others. These bars are approx. 10" x 2" x 2".  Long lasting &  great value.