Trade Wars;  Increases are seen at both ends.  US manufacturers are experiencing raw material price increases - which they are (of course) passing on to us.  On some items like steel, our own government is slapping on another 25%.  Big price increases are imminent.  Prepaid items on available stock will be honoured.  We cannot guarantee prices beyond that.  We don't anticipate many price increases till July 1

PLEASE READ.  All our steel is now priced by the foot.  The exception is 6 x 36 or 6 x 24 sheets which are sold by...  ummm.... 6 x 36 sheets or 6 x 24 sheets

We've been told to expect restock of carbon steel soon.  Yes, including 1/8 1084.  DElivery is imminent.  Then we have to figure out how to price it.

While nothing is certain in today's world, it appears right now that we are about to get slammed by our own government with a 25% tariff on steel.  Just got a huge order of stainless in under the wire and hoping for a carbon order in time as well.  Plan accordingly

Most of you are aware that we are an on-line business, and really not set up for attendance of the public.  That said, from time to time we do try to accommodate someone who wants to pick up a large item to avoid major shipping expenses.  We recently had Alberta knifemaker Jeremy Goertz arrange a visit to pick up his new KMG grinder.  He has a YouTube channel and posted his trip, including my messy shop for all the world to see. He also has a great video on how to make a knife with simple tools.


Rob and Marilyn