Stabilizing Products

Cactus Juice Products include Stabilizing Resin, Colour Dyes and Stabilizing Chambers.

Stabilizing Resin - This is a premium, professional-grade, heat-cured resin for impregnating wood and other porous materials to make them harder, more moisture resistant, and adding integral colour with dyes. It is easy to use and does not significantly change the colour of most woods. It has a 1-year shelf life once activated, and  3-year shelf life unactivated. The activator is in a separate bottle.

Colour Dyes - Designed specifically for adding bright, vibrant colour to your stabilizing toolbox.  These 100% dyes will not settle over time and will help you achieve bright colours. 

Stabilizing Chambers - This premium vacuum chamber is made from a clear plastic material to allow you to see through it to better monitor the stabilizing process. They are the only clear vacuum on the market specifically designed and engineered for stabilizing from the ground up.