CPM CRU-WEAR Tool Blade Steel

CPM CRU-WEAR one of the best knife steels for edge retention, toughness, corrosion & wear resistance and high hardness.


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Product Description

CPM CRU-WEAR is an air-hardening powder metallurgy tool steel and is one of the best knife steels that offers balanced performance in edge retention, toughness, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and high Rockwell hardness.

It is among the few steels that are not skewed on one property.  It is an upgraded version of D2 steel with a high percentage of Vanadium Carbides which are better than the much more chromium carbides in D2 steel.

CPM CRU-WEAR is air hardening and heat treatable to HRC 60-65. The original conventionally melted CRU-WEAR was designed as an upgrade to A2 and D2, for better wear resistance, greater toughness and higher attainable hardness.  

It was introduced as a way to make the conventionally melted version easier to machine and more resistant to chipping.  Compared to the chemistry of D2, (D2 = 1.55% carbon, 11.5% chromium, 0.8% vanadium, and 0.9% molybdenum), CPM CRU-WEAR has less carbon and less chromium, but more vanadium and tungsten.

The overall carbide content of CPM CRU-WEAR is less than D2 which helps make it tougher than D2. CPM CRUWEAR’s higher attainable hardness results from the fact that it contains sufficient tungsten and molybdenum to cause a secondary hardening response.  CPM CRU-WEAR tempers at a higher range (900-1050°F) than D2 (400-600°F), so it is more compatible with a wide variety of surface treatments.

Knifemakers love this steel because of its high wear resistance, edge retention, and toughness. These knives will serve across generations even with regular usage and sharpening without wearing out.

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