80CRV2 High Carbon Steel

80CrV2 Carbon Blade Steel is a tough workhorse steel used in kitchen knives, swords, pocket, hunters & craft carving blades.


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Although mistaken to be the new kid on the block, 80CRV2 has actually been around for ages under the common nickname “Swedish saw steel.”

A high carbon chrome-vanadium, 80CRV2 is a tough as nails workhorse steel.

It provides the essential qualities of a 1080-series steel, with all the perks of a high chrome steel like 5160. Similar to 1084 - but with a few minor alloying elements - most notably, just enough vanadium for grain refinement.

We’ve brought it on board for its ability to be readily forged and ground alike, and like 5160, only need a very simple heat treat similar to 5160 that will meet all the expectations of seasoned pros and be more forgiving to makers just beginning.

It’s for these reasons that many makers whose careers were built on 5160 have made 80CRV2 their go-to steel for everything they make.

If you have a task you think would fit 5160, give 80CRV2 a try–it’s an excellent chrome-based high carbon steel with some additional perks in grain refinement that will leave you grinning every time.

From kitchen knives to tomahawks and swords, to pocket knives and hunters on down to little craft carving blades, 80CRV2 is a champ in the making, no matter the project.

     For 80CRV2 Heat Treatment Recipe follow this link:


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Great steel as always.

Good product good quality steel, hasn’t failed me yet. Picture is 1/8" 80CrV2 differential heat treatment shows up nicely and can be seen below. The steel can get way darker but the stonewash fades the hamon like as shown below. This steel is one of the toughest which is why I prefer it for making survival knives.