Tool and Carbon Blade Steel


These include Traditional steels such as 1095 and 1084, but high tech is also active in the non-stainless world.  These steels come to us in 4 foot bars, sold per foot. You may wish to add limited cutting instructions in the customer notes area for your order. Keep in mind that any parcel over a meter (think max steel length 3 feet) will incur an additional charge from Canada Post. The store doesn't automatically calculate this because it can't read your notes about cutting instructions.

All of our carbon & tool blade steels are now sold by the foot. 

If you do not include cutting instructions, the 4 foot lengths will be cut in half if you order 4 ft; 5 feet would be sent as 3 ft and 2 ft ; and 6 ft would be sent as 3 x 2 ft.