Frequently Asked Questions 

Q:  Can I come to your store to shop in person?

A:  Yes!   We are open Monday – Friday 8:00 – 4:00. 

If you would like to visit us on evenings or weekends please call (250 346 3000) or email ahead (curtis@knifemaker.ca) so that we will be here for you. 

Please be aware that our “store” includes working power tools – stacks of steel – shelving with unsecured items.  Children and pets are welcome but please watch them carefully. 


Q:  Why is shipping so expensive?

A:  Our shipping rates are sourced directly from Canada Post – and then we add $1.50 to cover the price of boxes, packing and handling.  We offer UPS, really only in case Canada Post is not available – really expensive!

Q:  Why don’t you stock my favorite steel?

A: We would love to stock every knife maker’s favorite steel but that’s just not possible so we aim to maintain a wide selection of high quality stainless and tool and carbon steels –in many sizes. IF there is a steel you want that we don’t have let us know we will make every effort to get it. 

 Q:  My steel is rusty – bowed – rough surface – scratched.

A:  Most of the steel we sell is mill finish steel.  It has not been flattened, ground, or  precision dimensioned.  Part of your job as a maker is to tweak it to where you need it.   Precision ground O1 tool steel would be a good choice for you if you want a more finished steel to start with. 

 Q:  This was not what I expected.

A:  You can return anything in its original condition for a refund.  If it was damaged on arrival or misrepresented, we’ll eat the shipping.  If it was simply not what you hoped for, you can still return it for a refund – at your shipping expense – as long as it has not been altered.

 Q:  Catalogue accuracy and prices?

A:  We do our best to keep things accurate.  If there is a mistake we will honour a small error.  Big errors will be apologized for and correct information will be applied to your order. 

 Q:  I can’t log in to my account.

A:  This is very rare. But if you do have problem please call us at 250 346 3000 and we will help you. 

 Q:  How fast will my order ship?                

A: We make every effort to get your shipment out within 24 hours! There are circumstances where we could be slightly delayed but they come up rarely.

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 Q:  What measures have you taken for sustainable business practices and environmental responsibility?

A:  In short, we care.  We reuse packaging where possible.  We reduce energy usage but never at the expense of quality.  We recycle the huge amounts of materials we are able to.  Responsible stewardship of the resources at our disposal is not only socially required, but also profitable.  Waste sucks!

Q:  How can I place my order?

A:  This online store is the safest and most effective method. Just create your account and you can login to order anytime.  If you prefer, we can take your knife making supply order by email or phone curtis@knifemaker.ca or 604 346 3000.              

Q:  Where can I get information on how to make a knife?

A:  The internet if full of knife making information.  At least half of it is flat out wrong. Not to say that you can’t find quality Information out there!

Feel free to contact us and we will do our best to share what we know and get you on the right track to becoming a Knife Maker.  

 Q: When will you restock my favorite knife handle material?

A: We do our best to keep up with supply and demand but if we are currently “sold out” keep an eye on our social media and subscribe to our newsletter to never miss restock alerts.