Stainless Blade Steel

Stainless blade steels were once maligned as inferior to tool steels. That is simply no longer the case. Modern proven stainless blade steels such as CPM 154, CPM S35VN, AEB-L, 440C, 154CM  will provide a wide array of superlative qualities.
The knife maker no longer needs to choose between edge retention and corrosion resistance in a steel. Blades made from these steels, and properly heat treated can have it all.
 All of our blade steel is sold per linear foot so you don't have to buy a whole bar to make a 9" knife. The quantity box is the number of feet you want. It will NOT come as individual 1 foot pieces unless you request it to be cut to 1 foot lengths! The exception is 6" widths which are only sold as full 6 x 36" sheets.
 Our stainless bars come to us in 36 inch lengths, so that is the longest we can send you in one piece. (Except AEB-L & Nitro-V which come in at 48 inches)
If you are going to order more than 36 inches..... multiples of 36 will be sent as 36 inch bars. 48 inches and 60 inches will be sent in as a 36 inch and 12 inch or 24 inch.
If what you order is an odd number or if the above doesn't work for you, please let me know in the comments box at checkout what size pieces you would need for your projects.
AEB-L and Nitro-V at 48 inches will incur an oversize charge from Canada Post. Our store is not able to calculate this surcharge, so if you NEED the full 48 inches in one piece, or anything over 38 inches in one piece, we would have to bill you separately for this. Again, please let us know in the comments box when ordering if you need the full length or if it is ok to cut it in half.