Hand Polish, Finish and Protection

RENAISSANCE MICRO-CRYSTALLINE WAX/POLISH is an extra-ordinary wax/polish. Restore, refresh and protect your antiques, cutlery, furniture, precious metals, armory, collectibles, art, photography and much, much more. Its uses are endless. The #1 choice of museums, galleries and professionals worldwide.

CLEANS BEAUTIFULLY: Lifts oil, dirt and the murky accretions of other polishes.  The surface detail remains crystal clear through unlimited applications of this translucent wax.

RESTORES AND ENHANCES: Revitalizes and returns your objects to pristine condition.  Renaissance Wax buffs easily to a hard, transparent finish that will not discolor. 

POLISHES AND PROTECTS: Guards your precious pieces against the damaging effects of humidity, heat, dust, environmental destruction, aging and ordinary wear.

A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY… AND LASTS A LONG TIME: Excellent spread-ability and indefinite shelf life make it  economical and convenient.  A small dab goes a long way, unlike most waxes that need generous application.  Use a minimal amount rub lightly and buff. The long-lasting preservation reduces the need for frequent maintenance.