Structured Abrasives

NORAX Structured Grinding Belts N889, U254, U264, U936 represent cutting edge technology. The "structure" of the belt exposes fresh grit as you grind, keeping the belt sharp. We find they excel for finish work on metal and are of little use for handle materials. Available in the equivalents of 75 - 2500 grits.

NORAX N889 Finishing Belts are engineered abrasive polishing belts, with their multi-layered, consistent surface pattern outlast conventional abrasive belts with 2- 5 times longer life. 

They produce repeatable, uniform finishes from the first to last part. Inside each pattern are precisely graded abrasive particles to prevent wild scratches, and keep your parts cool.

Longer product life, higher quality finishes, faster cut rates, and the ability to skip finishing steps all help drive down the costs of your finishing processes.

NORAX U254, U264, U936 are engineered 3-dimensional coated abrasive products that o­ffer high performance in finish, cut and consistency. With special pattern technology, NORaX can off­er the optimal product for a wide variety of applications to increase productivity, quality and repeatability, while reducing cost, scrap and inventory.

  • NORaX utilizes evenly spaced erodable structures.
  • Multiple layers of abrasive grain for extended belt life.
  • Unique grinding aid on the surface to increase cut rate and reduce heat generation.
  • Sharp abrasives available throughout belt life.