Kydex - Kryptek - Typhoon

Kydex - Kryptek - Typhoon
Kydex - Kryptek - Typhoon


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Product Description

About Kydex
The Kydex story begins in the late 1960s, when the Rohm and Haas Company was the authority on all things aircraft interior. Eventually, the easily-manipulated Kydex carbon fiber started to gain foothold in a number of other industries as the sheer versatility of Kydex materials was realized. The Kydex brand has changed hands a number of times, all the while slowly asserting itself as a true household name.

Why Kydex Materials Outlast Leather
Kydex supplies are waterproof, scratch resistant (with a Rockwell “R” hardness of 90), able to hold shape without giving in to alteration unless forced under certain conditions, low maintenance, and, Kydex carbon fiber is extremely easy wipe clean. Plus, when you go to buy Kydex, you can trust quality consistency of a Kydex sheet more than that of a leather hide. 

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