KMG Surface Grinding Attachment

KMG Surface Grinding Attachment
KMG Surface Grinding Attachment


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Product Description

This Surface Grinder Attachment includes the mounting plate and fasteners which attach to the tool arms of either a classic KMG or a KMG-TX 2×72 belt grinder.  Beaumont’s Surface Grinder Attachment enables the KMG or KMG-TX to deliver more accurate material removal, improved flatness of workpieces, more controlled surface finishing and scale removal, enhanced parallel grinding and more efficient and repeatable tapering.   Pearl-white powder coat finishes and black zinc plating provide a high-quality appearance with improved cleanability, corrosion resistance, and durability.

The Beaumont Surface Grinder Attachment uses American made heavy duty carriages with oversized, sealed double-bearing rollers on continuous-contact hardened steel raceways for smooth, controlled and accurate motion in both the X-axis and Y-axis.

The magnetic chuck comes with removable magnets for user control over the amount of magnetic force applied, easier cleanup of grit and replacement of damaged, degraded or worn magnets as necessary.  An integrated sine bar facilitates grinding of tapers and specific slopes.  The twin press-fit hardened steel rods of the sine bar are positioned at an exact 2:1 ratio from the chuck’s pivot point to enable easier, more repeatable operations such as symmetric tapers.   The 2.375” by 12” magnetic chuck also comes with pre-drilled holes for roll pins to be used as optional workpiece stops.

The Surface Grinder Attachment works with many contact wheels sizes mounted using the Beaumont contact wheel spindle and spacer (CWS), and accepts a range of sizes as small as Beaumont’s 2” regular contact wheel and as large as the Beaumont 10” diameter contact wheel.    Beaumont’s optional high performance, special purpose 2.5” x 3” tri-helix surface grinding contact wheel is designed for optimal results with the Surface Grinder Attachment.  The optional 2.5” diameter x 3” high contact wheel has an all steel core, quad bearings and 90-95 durometer hard rubber to provide utmost rigidity and robustness, while its triple helix small serration is custom designed to deliver the best combination of contact, cooling and control.

The Surface Grinder Attachment is highly adjustable.  Large adjustments can be made to travel distance and operation spacing to accommodate workpieces with thicknesses ranging from less than 0.125” to more than 4” using different contact wheel sizes.    Simply select one of 4 possible positions on the mounting plate for the chuck attachment and then select from 5 possible positions for the screw riser and Y-axis control knob.  Fine adjustments with the large comfort-grip aluminum control knob can then be used to move the magnetic chuck in the Y-axis by increments as small as 0.001”, and possibly finer using the included dial indicator with 0.0005” granularity.

The user will need to dress the chuck before first use.  This entails taking light finishing passes across the entire surface of the magnetic chuck with the contact wheel and abrasive belt.  This operation ensures the selected contact wheel and the surface of the chuck after dressing are aligned and trued up so that workpieces placed between them experience as much flatness during surface grinding as possible.  For best results the user may also choose to “dress” new abrasive belts before use.   Abrasive belts have a construction seam which is normally thicker than the rest of the belt.  Abrasive material over the thickest part of the seam should be knocked down, smoothed with an abrasive tool or otherwise minimized to enable more surface of the abrasive belt to be involved in surface grinding operations.

The magnetic chuck is machined on all six sides and is made from a single piece of inch-thick steel to enable manual insertion / removal of magnets, facilitate magnetic field action and improve heat sink protection during operation.  Magnets experience natural degradation and corrosion over time, and degradation is accelerated significantly with operating temperatures in excess of 75 C (167 F).  Magnets are brittle and powerful and should be handled with care.  Magnets which have experienced operating temperatures above 75 C (167 F) and those which have corrosion, damage, crumbling or inability to secure the workpiece should not be used and should be replaced before operation.

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