CPM 154 Stainless Blade Steel

CPM 154 Blade Steel  excellent edge retention, great stain resistance & tough mirror finish for day carries, kitchen cutlery.


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Product Description

CPM-154 Stainless Blade Steel is a CPM processed version of 154-CM providing a more even distribution of carbides, which greatly enhances attributes of already popular precursor, 154-CM. CPM-154 is easy to grind and polish like its predecessor, as well as having improved toughness and corrosion resistance. The more even, finely distributed carbide structure relates to finer, thinner edges and greater wear resistance. Unlike 154-CM, many makers find it can be polished to an even finer degree to near mirror-like perfection.

It has excellent edge retention, fine, evenly distributed carbides, great stain resistance and is twice as tough as regular 154CM at the same hardness. This allows for thinner blades and edge geometry which results in better cutting. As a bonus, it takes a better mirror finish than any other blade steel we know of.

Long-time users will easily spend hours extolling its benefits and describing their love for this steel regardless of the types of knives they make, whether fighters, flippers, every day carries, or kitchen cutlery.

    For CMP-154 Heat Treatment Recipe follow this link: 


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