1084 Carbon Blade Steel

1084 Carbon Steel forges and grinds easily, requires simple heat treat. Great for kitchen knives, day carry & camp choppers.


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Product Description

1084 Carbon Blade Steel forges and grinds easily and requires only the very basics of a simple heat treatment. It is an ideal choice for both beginners and seasoned smiths alike. Since 1084 is a high carbon steel, it will rust and tarnish if not properly taken care of, so makers should warn customers of possible corrosion issues if they do not clean and oil blades after use.

1084 comes pickled and annealed, so makers can be assured that it will arrive ready and able to be forged or ground into a great blade, or used in damascus steel production.

Whether you want to make a kitchen knife, small every day carry, or that big honking zombie or camp chopper, you won’t be disappointed by 1084’s ability to harden, offer good abrasion resistance, solid edge retention, and even the ability to hamon when heat treated well.

Very reasonably priced. 

     For 1084 Heat Treatment Recipe follow the link below: 


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Truck L.
Easy street

Machines and grinds nice as in easy on the belts and not difficult to heat treat if your a gas forge guy with no oven like me, I find 1084 not needing a soak, just get your colour/ temp and quench; that goes for harden and temper. Excellent steel for beginners. All in all it wears well and you can get it sharp AF.