Nitro V

We present - for your blade making pleasure - NITRO-V.  This steel is based on AEB-L but so much more.  AEB-L has been - and remains as, a premium choice for slicing applications.  A razor blade steel, AEB-L also excels at kitchen cutlery and folders as well.  NITRO-V has added nitrogen and Vanadium and now becomes suitable for a broad range of applications adding hard carbides and extreme corrosion resistance.

Nitro-V is now sold by the foot.  It comes to us in four foot bars. In the absence of instructions to the contrary we will cut full bars in half to save you the oversize shipping charges.  We may limit the number of 3 foot bars that can be provided 

Typical Chemistry is;


C: 0.680
Si: 0.384
Mn: 0.780
P: 0.0190
S: 0.0020
Cr: 12.980
V: 0.079
N: 0.1098

Early Heat Treat recommendations are similar to AEB-L.  1950F - 20 minute soak - plate quench.  Cryo is helpful - very helpful.  Tempers at 325F should yeild about 61.5 - 62 - or at around 500 should yeild 58ish - so adjust as per your needs.  Please share your results.

Credit where it's due.  This alloy was put forward by New Jersey Steel Baron.  Nice to see a cutlery specific steel developed and championed by talented knife makers.