Nitro V Stainless Blade Steel

Nitro V Stainless Blade Steel  is a premium cutlery grade steel that meets the needs of the ever-expanding, knife making craft that is custom tailored to customers’ wants and needs.  As a martensitic stainless steel with chromium-based chemistry, it optimizes the best qualities of AEB-L but with an  enriched formula using Nitrogen and Vanadium. This combination creates a new ferroalloy that offers exceptional edge performance, high hardness, and extreme corrosion resistance for a broad range of applications and especially for marine and wet environments. 

Now with many boutique “super steels” readily available Nitro V provides a reasonably priced, high-performance option that can match knifemaker’s  needs, regardless their styles, niches, and patrons.

Nitro V is specifically formulated to suit the cutlery industry but it is tough and versatile enough for pocket, kitchen, hunting, fishing and tactical knives.

    For the Nitro V heat treatment recipe follow this link: