Renaissance Wax 200 ml size

Renaissance Wax 200 ml size
Renaissance Wax 200 ml size


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Product Description

RENAISSANCE MICRO-CRYSTALLINE WAX/POLISH is an extra-ordinary wax/polish. Restore, refresh and protect your antiques, cutlery, furniture, precious metals, armory, collectibles, art, photography and much, much more. It’s uses are endless. The #1 choice of museums, galleries and professionals worldwide.

RENAISSANCE MICRO-CRYSTALLINE WAX/POLISH is used in the following places in the U.S. – The 911 Monument at ground zero, The Smithsonian Institute, Colonial Williamsburg Conservatory, Abraham Lincoln Residence, Vicksburg Military Park and Museum, Henry Ford Museum, Academy of Arts, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NRA Museum, Rockefeller Restorations, Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Hilton Hotels, BYU Museum of Art, National Ornamental Metals Museum, as well as other museums, government agencies, craftsmen, collectors both professional and amature alike.

In the United Kingdom it is used in the British Museum Victoria and Albert Museum, Buckingham Palace, Military Museums at Aldershot, H.M. the Queens Royal Armourer, The National Museum of Antiquities – Scotland, Royal Armories (London & Leeds), The Imperial War Museum, Windsor Castle, and The Tower of London.

RENAISSANCE MICRO-CRYSTALLINE WAX/POLISH has appeared on and in the following – “The Martha Stewart” TV show, “CSI Miami” TV show, “New York magazine” ,”The Lapidary Journal”, “This Old House” magazine, Better Homes & Gardens “Wood” magazine, The Double Gun Journal, Gun List, ‘Blade’ magazine, Knives Illustrated, Knifeworld publications, ‘Tactical knives’ magazine, The Big Show Journal, Ships’n’Scale Magazine, Pool & billiards magazine, as well as many other articles for sportsmen, craftsmen, woodworkers, metalworkers, restorers, conservators and in famous professional reference and restoration publications worldwide! Martha Stewart “Living” magazine, “Real Simple” magazine & various internet forums, various syndicated newspaper articles and ‘You-Tube.’

How the “Perfect Wax” was created…For over forty years, RENAISSANCE MICRO-CRYSTALLINE WAX/POLISH from England has been the #1 choice of major museums, art galleries and institutions for the preservation of the precious pieces. Professional conservators, retailers, amateur restorers and private individuals throughout the world depend on RENAISSANCE WAX to protect their collections and for home use.
Prior to 1950, the only polishes available were based on beeswax and carnuba wax. Unfortunately, these natural, saponifiable products would cause damage when acids arose spontaneously through oxidation or hydrolysis.

To solve the problem, a consortium of international conservationists directed a scientist from the British Museum to conduct intensive research and find the “perfect wax.” When he could not find any that met their exacting standards, he created a new wax in his laboratory. The revolutionary formula he invented is a semi-synthetic micro-crystalline fossil-origin wax entirely free of, damaging acids. It remains chemically neutral and is therefore completely safe, even on vulnerable surfaces.

The British Museum approved manufacture of this wax for its own use and for distribution to the public. That “perfect wax” is now available internationally under the name RENAISSANCE MICRO-CRYSTALLINE WAX/POLISH .




Lifts oil, dirt and the murky accretions of other polishes.  The surface detail remains crystal clear through unlimited applications of this translucent wax.

  • Removes previous wax build-up
  • Reveals fine detail & wood grain
  • Non-staining, non-abrasive


Revitalizes and returns your objects to pristine condition.  Renaissance Wax buffs easily to a hard, transparent finish that will not discolor.

  • Renews fading colors and “tired finishes”
  • Retains matte finish when unpolished
  • Buffs to a high gloss
  • Reduces shine of new picture varnish


Guards your precious pieces against the damaging effects of humidity, heat, dust, environmental destruction, aging and ordinary wear.

Renaissance Wax provides a barrier against fingerprints and the devastation of water, wine, alcohol and other spills.  Due to its high moisture resistance, it forms a durable, lustrous protective coating.

  • Prevents tarnish, corrosion and “bloom”
  • Remains completely waterproof
  • Retards weathering on exteriors and objects exposed to climatic abrasion.


Excellent spread-ability and indefinite shelf life make Renaissance Wax economical and convenient, even for very large objects and infrequent use.  A small dab goes a long way, unlike most waxes that need generous application.  Use a minimal amount of Renaissance Wax, rub lightly and buff.

The long-lasting preservation reduces the need for frequent maintenance.

  • Airtight container keeps wax in perfect condition
  • Easy to spread, no caking or drying out
  • Indefinite shelf life
  • No “polish” smell
  • No added fragrance to endanger material

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