AEB-L Razor Steel

AEB-L is produced by Uddeholm and is specialized for use in making razors. It is very fine grained with tiny carbides that resist tear-out. You may also know this alloy as Sandvik's 13C26. *Rumor dispelled* At some point in time, someone suggested AEB-L was similar to 440C. AEB-L has significantly lower carbon content, avoiding the huge chromium carbides found in 440C. As Quenched at RHC64 or RHC65 with cryo. Tempers out nicely in the low 60's Rockwell.

AEB-L comes to us in 4 foot bars bars and is sold by the linear foot

AEB-L at 4 feet will incur an oversize charge from Canada Post. Our store is not able to calculate this surcharge, so if you NEED the full 4 feet in one piece, or anything over 3 feet in one piece, we would have to bill you separately for this. Again, please let us know in the comments box when ordering if you need the full length or if it is ok to cut it in half or what size pieces you would need for your projects.
We may limit the number of three foot bars sold.  A few is OK, but we don't want a huge pile of 1 foot cutoffs.  In the absence of instructions to the contrary, we will normally just cut the bars in half to two foot lengths to save you the oversize charges.