440-C Stainless Blade Steel

440-C Stainless Blade Steel is one of the most widely recognized and appreciated steels in knife making with a history spanning decades. It is commonly known as "old faithful". It was the first stainless that could compete with the tool steels.

As a staple stainless steel in the cutlery industry, many companies built their histories and reputations by making it a standard option in their offerings dating back well into the 80s and beyond.  A chromium alloy steel, 440-C has high corrosion resistance and can achieve high levels of hardening, which is why it made such an early impression on cutlery in the first place.

While some people look at it as old fashioned, even they would be hard-pressed to name another stainless with the legacy, economy, and ease as 440-C. There are better steels available for more money - but this will produce a serviceable blade at a reasonable cost.

Since it polishes up so nicely, 440-C has found its way into many kitchen knife sets and made a name for itself based on the ease with which it shines.

Note: This is the lowest cost of stainless that we sell - but not the bottom end of stainless. All of our other stainless steels are more corrosion resistant, have better edge retention and are tougher.

For 440-C Heat Treatment Recipe follow this link: