Paragon KM25 Vertical Base Kiln

Paragon KM25 Vertical Base Kiln
Paragon KM25 Vertical Base Kiln


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Product Description

The battle against warped blades and inconsistent heat treatment is a constant one for any serious knifemaker. Uneven heating in traditional horizontal kilns can introduce unwanted thermal stresses, leading to frustrating post-quench distortions.

This is the issue that Paragon tackled with their KMPro series, by introducing special ceramic fiber for better heat distribution and multizone control to even the temperature across the entire barrel. Nonetheless, there’s another option that we are pleased to offer: The new KM Vertical Base.

Paragon understands that not every knifemaker requires the top-of-the-line features of the KMPro. Many knifemakers requested a more economical option that still delivers exceptional results. The KM25 Vertical Base does this.

The vertical treat builds on the well-established benefits of upright suspension to achieve uniform 360° heat distribution. This approach minimizes thermal gradients and stress within the blade, resulting in superior dimensional stability and consistent metallurgical properties.

  • Improved Heat Consistency: Say goodbye to uneven heating! The vertical design with 3″ firebrick construction ensures blades receive heat uniformly from all sides, minimizing warping and guaranteeing consistent results.
  • Precision Control & Safety: The advanced control system featuring 3 solid-state relays and a K-style thermocouple provides unparalleled temperature accuracy. Three solid-state relays manage each heating section individually, while corresponding mechanical safety relays ensure complete control and peace of mind. The power-interrupt lid switch automatically de-energizes the kiln when opened, preventing accidental contact with live elements.
  • Maximize Your Workspace: The spacious 11″ diameter and 25″ depth comfortably accommodates a variety of blade sizes. The interior features a shaped baffle with 4 rod placements for hanging blades, optimizing space utilization.
  • Versatile Top Section: Our top lid includes a dedicated 3.5″ height hot zone to ensure proper heat treatment for tangs. Maximize this space with a stand (included).
  • High Capacity: Process multiple blades efficiently! The KM Series allows up to 12 blades in a single load, depending on size. With features that prioritize consistent results, safety, and efficiency, the KM Vertical Base elevates your knifemaking experience.


  • Features:

    Max Temperature 2350°F

    Programmable Sentinel

    TouchXpress Controller

    Single Zone Temperature Control

    Insulating FireBrick (IFB) Refractory, 3” thick

    Heavy Duty Kiln Stand

    Top Loading Lid with Pass ThruBaffle with Four (4) Hanger Slots

    Heavy Duty Type K Temperature Thermocouple with Ceramic

    Heating Elements located above and below Baffle Layer

    Exterior Envelope Size: 18.5”W x 32.5”H x 22.5”L

    Interior Chamber Size: 11.0” diameter x 25” Deep

    Heavy Duty Solid State Relays with Mechanical Safety Back-up

    240 V / 1 Ph / 60 Hz / 20 Amps

    NEMA 6-20P Cordset 



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