Mick Langley

Mick Langley


Mick  has been a knifemaker for over 40 years and is Canada’s first Master Bladesmith of the American Bladesmith Society. 

He has sold knives to collectors in New York, New Jersey, Knoxville, California, Oregon, and as far away as Japan, Paris, and Brazil. Mick’s most expensive knife was a Wakizashi (mid-sized) Sword for a Japanese Collector. After many months of work and Damascus with 4700 layers, he sold it for over $7,000.

With his superb Damascus and carbon steel he has made a wide variety of styles including folders, Bowies, quillon daggers, boot knives, and hunters. He has won awards for his work. Mick has retired from attending Knife Shows but he's still busy supplying pocket “Back Packer” knives to buyers in Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island.

Mick’s knifemaking tip … "The main ingredient is patience. The last 20% of work takes 80% of the time. Collectors will use a Jeweler’s Loupe to examine the blade ... so the finished product needs to be superb." Photos 1 & 2: Mick after becoming a Master Bladesmith and now in his shop over 30 years later. 




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