Corey Daigle

Corey Daigle

Corey has been making knives for 25 years. His interest in knifemaking dates back as far as he can remember. His first memories are of his Grandfather making knives out of used saw blades. He bought a filet knife in his early teens and used it as a model. With a BBQ forge and files his life as a knifemaker began.

Corey lives in Massey, Ontario close to Lake Huron’s north channel a popular destination for tourists who have become his customers. He sells his filet, hunter & chef knives all over North America. He recently sold a 16-piece chef set.

His favorite steel is CPM 154 and handle materials are Bocote, Cocobolo, and G10.

Corey's tips for new knifemakers …

- “Have patience and keep learning. The more knives you make the better you will become.”

- “Use belts as though they are free … a sharp belt makes a huge difference.”

- “Always wear a respirator and protect your lungs.”

Check out his knives on Facebook: Corey Daigle Custom Knives or

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