Shipping Policies and Information

We ship almost exclusively through Canada Post and our liability insurance does not permit us to ship outside Canada.  (sorry)

We ship three days a week, so your order can reasonably be expected to ship within three or four business days unless we get backed up.  It would be rare for us to be backed up more than a week.  There are a number of things that may affect this.  Payment methods such as cheques or money orders may delay shipment.  If we need need to contact you about an out of stock item or to clarify your order, that may also delay shipping.  If for some reason, we are away from the store for a while, that news, and related dates will be posted on the front page along with the date shipments will resume.

If a parcel is late or missing, we will make every effort to have it tracked and recovered.  We use delivery confirmation on all packages.  If Canada Post confirms delivery and the parcel was lost or stolen subsequent to that, we cannot be held responsible.

We have been asked to estimate delivery times.  This, of course depends on the shipping method you choose as well as where the item is being shipped.  By way of example, Priority mail to Calgary would be delivered one business day after it was shipped.  A regular parcel shipment to many remote communities in the arctic may take 18 business days.  We've done a lot of these would be happy to offer an educated guess to help plan your project.

Please be aware that Canada Post "guaranteed delivery" is pretty much worthless.  If we have to spend 1/2 hour or more trying to claim on a failed delivery guarantee, it is simply not worth our time and we do not pursue it.  The claim would be paid to us - not the recipient anyway.  We have to say that 99% of orders are delivered within the guaranteed time.  We apologize to the 1% - but we will not be pursuing refunds.

Canada Post charges extra (12.60 as this is written) for any parcel over 1 meter long.  The store isn't able to account for this because it doesn't know whether you ordered a 48" bar of steel, or 4, 12" bars.  If you have ordered something that (with packaging) is over a meter, we will have to contact you to authorize the overcharge.

Similarly, the store considers that everything is going in one box.  Some times, this simply doesn't work.  If we were to pack brass bars with sanding belts, there wouldn't be much left of the belts, and a 36" bar of steel just won't go in the same package as a 12" square of kydex.  Should these issues arise, we'll determine shipping costs for the extra parcel(s) and contact you for approval before shipping your order.

Bee Grinders and Paragon Kilns are built when they are ordered, so shipping for them is controlled by the manufacturer.  Typically they are shipped within 2 weeks (Bee) to 4 weeks (Paragon) of receiving the order.

EvenHeat Kilns and KMG grinders ship from here but they must go Freight. so may well be slower than most of our parcels.


If you send us blades that you are working on for heat treat, They must be well packaged.  I have come to believe that Canada Post air drops parcels into Calgary from 30,000 feet.  The ladies at the post office get real upset if a point is poking through the package - and you will get real upset if the blade you have been working so hard on, is gone.