Ultrex Sure Touch

Brilliant Colors, Extreme Toughness, Durability, and Anti-Slip Rubber

The newest UltreX composite is the perfect modified G-10 handle material. This is the ideal solution for grips for handles on various applications including guns and knives. It provides brilliant colors, extreme durability, and an excellent anti-slip rubber property.

SureTouch™ is a revolutionary new patent-pending process that combines G-10 layers with rubber. It is now possible to have the toughness and durability of G-10 with the grip and anti-slip properties of rubber all in one material. Available in many of the same color combinations as UltreX™ G-10 you are sure to find the perfect combination for your application.

The combination of G-10 material layered with rubber provides one of the most revolutionary advantages in the market today. Since G10 is commonly machined for use in the knife and gun industry, this new material will allow for better ease of use. SureTouch allows for improved grip and comfort. SureTouch G-10 handle material is without a doubt the preferred choice for knife handles.