Zirconia 36 Grit

Zirconia 36 Grit
Zirconia 36 Grit


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Product Description

Norton Zirconia 695 belts work great on steel. They represent the middle ground. They outlast aluminum oxide, but are not nearly as durable as the ceramic.

  • Zirconia aluminia is the standard for aggressive cutting, grinding and shaping of metals & very hard wood.
  • Best for heavy grinding, deburring and weld removal of ferrous metal (steel, stainless steel, cast iron, carbon steel). Also great for non ferrous metals (aluminum, titanium, brass, bronze, copper).
  • Premium top coat grinding aid reduces heat and allows for a cooler running abrasive.
  • Ultra strong and precision built bi-directional tape joint. Belts can be run in either direction.

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