Moen Turbo Grind Platen

Moen Turbo Grind Platen
Moen Turbo Grind Platen


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Product Description

The Turbo Grind Evo 3 is a revolutionary new design for a rotary platen that incorporates a bladed 10″ contact wheel which acts as a cooling fan to push air through and around the system. This latest evolution is mounted on a stainless pin that pivots on the end of the included tool arm, allowing multiple work surfaces (10″ Contact Wheel, Flat Platen, Slack belt, etc.)  available on this one unit. With its constant cooling capabilities and support belt, you will be able to work with finer grit belts without the worry of belt bump. Lots of users currently skip some intermediate grit belts they needed before using this platen, saving both grinding time and money tied up in belt inventory.

The included work rest table can be bolted to four locations on each side plate to cover different vertical and horizontal setups on the flat platen and 10″ wheel.

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