KMG-10 with VS 2 HP motor

KMG-10 with VS 2 HP motor


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Package includes:

  • KMG-10 Grinder with  10" contact wheel.
  • Platen attachment.
  • Work rest.
  • 1.5/2 hp variable speed motor and VFD
  • Pulley for motor.
  • Pulley for grinder.
  • Drive belt.
  • Base plate.
  • Mounting bracket for VFD and electrical hardware.
  • Uses 2" X 72" belts.


*The 2 hp motor and VFD will run on standard 110 or 220VAC.  A 2 hp motor is supplied, but when the VFD runs on a 110VAC,  the max power output is 1.5hp.  When the VFD runs on 220VAC it will produce a full 2hp. This extra value allows you to choose between using a 110V or a 220V power supply.


You will need a cord and plug appropriate to your setup choices (120V, 240V, plug or hardwired