KMG Parts and Accessories

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  • The Rotary platen attachment is universally designed to fit a variety of belt
    grinder machines. The attachment uses a reinforced flexible belt that rotates
    around a series of grooved rollers for the purpose of providing support to the
    abrasive belt. The attachment can be rotated into different positions which to
    utilize performance variations due to different roller spacing as seen in the
    photos above.  The grooved rollers restrict the reinforced flexible belt from
    any side to side movement which allows the abrasive belt to be tracked


    The belt tension is fully adjustable

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  • Work rest for the KMG grinder

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  • Tension spring and perch

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    • Platen Attachment for the KMG.
    • Used for Flat grinding.
    • Platen plate is removable to convert into a Slack belt attachment.
    • CNC Machined.
    • Bolts included.
    • Wheels included.


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    • Rack for storing extra tool arms.
    • Mounts to the predrilled holes on the SUBP base plate.
    • Keeps tools organized.
    • Protects the tools by storing them out of the way.
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  • Flat Platen wear plate

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  • This version of the articulating tool rest fits the classic KMG grinder as well as others (but I can't say for sure which others). 

    There is a video with the KMG-TX grinder in this catalog showing the TX version.  That gives you a pretty good idea of how it works.

    Comes with:

    • Work Rest Table
    • Universal Mounting Adapter ( for Classic KMG, Other grinders)
    • 1  (one) 90-degree angle knuckle
    • 2 (two) links with levers
    • 3 (three) 1″ diameter pins

    These components will allow you to create hundreds of combinations for every work support situation.


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Items: 19 of 43, per page