1095 Carbon Blade Steel

A favorite steel for many knife makers and enthusiasts, 1095 Carbon Blade Steel has earned a respected reputation as being excellent for forging, grinding, and taking a wonderful edge.

1095 is made from a  constant simple recipe so that makers can get consistent, steady results from first to last over their many years making knives and tools. It is one of the best steel in the industry hands down due to the fact it provides easily predicted results each time, every time.

Overall, 1095 does prove to be a little more difficult to heat treat for some makers as it is hyper-eutectoid and best used with an accurate means of reading temperature and a fast quench oil (recommend Parks 50).  There is a very fine line between a blade failing to harden - or the blade fracturing from the stresses of quenching. A fast quench oil rather that water or brine may not give full possible hardness, but it results in fewer broken or cracked blades. Knife makers who have mastered heat treating 1095 have produced some of the most beautiful hamons.

It comes pickled and annealed, so you are ready to go whether you use it in damascus or grind out a quick kitchen knife.  Like all high carbon steels, rust or stains can happen, be sure to inform your customers they’ll need to use good maintenance so as to not ruin the finish or to allow a natural patina to form over time, especially in kitchen cutlery.

    For 1095 Heat Treatment Recipe follow this link: