1095 Carbon Steel

1095 is touted in many "how to" books as a good steel for a beginner. We respectfully disagree. It will make a nice blade - is forgeable, and it can be given a very nice Hamon or other differential heat treat effects. Heat treat is very challenging though and there is a VERY fine line between a blade failing to harden - or the blade fracturing from the stresses of quenching. If we heat treat 1095 here, we use a fast quench oil rather that water or brine. This may not give full possible hardness, but it results in fewer broken or cracked blades. This steel is hot rolled, about .02 oversize, pickled, annealed and oiled.  This steel comes to us in 48" bars, but any parcel over a meter long will incur an extra "oversize surcharge" from Canada Post that will have to be added manually.

Sold by the foot.  We may limit the number of 3 foot bars that can be ordered