Ernest Skaar

Ernest Skaar

Ernest strives for perfection and outstanding craftsmanship in everything he does. He’s an eleven time Gold Medal Archer, Professional Pilot, Ski Instructor, Farmer and Knifemaker. By profession, he's a Mechanical Draftsman. He trained in Vancouver where he met his wife, Carol, the only woman in the class. After several years of working in BC he returned to Hagen, Sask. He and Carol took over the family farm and in 2006 he was introduced to knifemaking by longtime knifemaker and teacher Bill Schiller. Bill convinced Ernest to take one of his knifemaking courses but one lead into two and before long Bill became his long time mentor.

Knifemaking has become Ernest’s hobby and business. He makes hunters, skinnners, filet, chef, and folder knives. He says what he likes most is the “creativity, artisanship, and striving for perfection with every knife”.

His preferred steels are 440C and CPM 154. For handle material he likes using natural woods that he stabilizes, Micarta, Kirinite, bone and antler. Ernest says “it's the handle that sells the knife … colourful materials, bear bone from a hunter, or a piece of wood from a family farm”.

He sells plenty of knives through two local stores, hunters and fishermen who visit the area, word of mouth, family & friends, and tradeshows.

Besides knifemaking Ernest and Carol have been Foster Parents for over 40 years. His concern for children extends to Uganda where he's active in “Rays of Hope” a charitable organization that supports a community, schools, and an orphanage. He’s been there three times to share his knowledge of building and farming.

Ernest’s Knifemaking Tips ...

“You can never learn everything about knifemaking … the more you learn the more you realize there is to learn.”

“Always be open -- ask the more experienced knifemaker “show me how I can make it better”. Ask for an honest opinion and be willing to accept a suggestion without thinking it’s a criticism.”

“Check out J. Neilson – Tips & Tricks (Forge In Fire)"

To see more knives and to contact Ernest go to: Skaar Knives at:

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