Heat Treat Service

Heat Treating of Stainless, Tool and Most Carbon Steels - to your specs.  Please read this;
Scroll Down for pricing but then please scroll back up and read the following information
We have good news on the tool and carbon steel front.  We have a custom made, agitated quench tank, which does a MUCH better job on oil quench blades.  3/16 thickness has been working fine and we suspect up to 1/4" will harden as well (though perhaps to a lesser degree).  The tank is MUCH deeper, so we can handle blades up to 20" long now - maybe just a tad more. 
As always, our stainless blade heat treat includes double foil wrap - plate quenching - cryo - double or triple temper as required to your (reasonable) specs - and each blade rockwell tested before it goes out the door (unless you ask us not to).
Please don't send us mystery steel - or previously heat treated (recycled) steel.  We've done it in the past, but my hair is not as thick as it once was so I can't be tearing out what's left.  Not all planer blades are D2.  Not all saw blades are L6.  Not all truck springs are 5160.  "Think it might have been 440C" isn't helpful.  Previous heat treatments necessitate different processes.  If in doubt, call before you send it.
 You can ship your blades to
Canadian KnifeMaker Suppy Ltd.
33542 Range Road 50
Sundre, AB, T0M 1X0
We prefer you send them to us postal because couriers have trouble with our gated property and tend to leave stuff lying aroound.
Be sure to let us know;
  • what the steel is
  • what hardness you'd like
  • If you ordered through the store, return shipping is calculated and included at checkout.
  • As much contact information as you are comfortable giving us (Name)
  • Also, if you order other products along with your heat treat service on the same order, the other items will be held till heat treat is completed and all sent to you together.

It is Very helpful to include this information in the package even if you put it in your email or order.  We do cross reference, but try not to rely on it.  If you have other items on your order, we will normally hold those until your blades are done - unless you request otherwise.

When packing them, envision them being tossed around a room and pack them so they'll stay in the package - points protected - and won't get bent and postal workers don't get injured.  Turn-around time is usually 2 - 3 weeks - plus of course whatever Canada Post adds on to each end.
On the topic of 'bent' or warped, we are not equipped to do much straightening of a blade.  It is generally unheard of for a thicker blade to warp much in HT, but some deformation should be expected in virtually all blades - particularly 1/16 and very long 3/32, as well as anything ground to a thin edge or tip.  We do our best to minimize this.  Some makers have had best results just profiling thin blades before HT and then grinding the bevels hard.    Everything above applies double to oil quench blades. 
We'll still process your thin blades if you like, but we are not able to guarantee the results nor replaced damaged product.  Reasons for warping can be asymmetrical grinding - excess grinding stresses - foil pack pressing against the blade, or a pre HT bend that reappears in quenching.  This happens altogether too often in long thin blades. 
Lastly, this is covered elsewhere but bears repeating.  Heat treating sometimes has casualties.  Blades may crack or break or warp.  Envelopes may fail and ruin a blade.  These sort of things don't happen often - but if they do, our liability is to replace the steel if it was our fault.  We can't replace your hard work and time or your one-of-a-kind Damascus billet. 
I feel the need to apologize for the red type above.  We really do a pretty good job and that's why customers keep coming back.  We've often gone the extra mile for a customer in need, but a recent experience made it clear we need to more clearly declare a limit to the liability we are able to accept.  If that's not OK- send it to someone else. 
Items: 15 of 5, per page
  • Heat Treat up to 6" piece
    • $11.50
  • Heat Treat 6" to 8" piece
    • $14.00
  • Heat Treat 8" to 12" piece
    • $17.50
  • Heat Treat 12" to 16" piece

    • $19.00
  • Heat Treat 16" to 20" piece.  Yes, it's expensive.  I hate these long blades.  They warp easily, are difficult to coat with anti-scale - difficult to safely get out of the kiln and into the quench and they won't fit in my tempering kilns, so I have to tie up a hardening kiln for 6 hours to temper them.  If you really need them done, I'll do it for you, but you will be making a significant contribution to the toupee I may soon need.  'Nuff said!

    • $45.00