Buffing Compounds

JacksonLea buffing compounds
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  • A premium polishing compound used by most knifemakers to achieve a mirror polish on their blades. Made by JacksonLea. approx. 2.5 lb bars

    • $28.40
  • Although the name of the compound is White Peerless, the actual color of it is a beige. Used as a polishing and cleaning compound more than an abrasive. It is most useful for putting a final shine on handles.

    • $20.00
  • Pink No Scratch compound by JacksonLea.

    This compound was not previously available to us and we are excited to have it back in our inventory. It is generally used in presentation grade knives for the perfect mirror polish.  This is a final finish product that will buff out "cloudy" steel finish but is not intended to remove visible scratches. Use the green first.

    • $26.75