Work / Life Balance

Most of you know we don't keep regular hours.  We may not be around on a Tuesday afternoon at 2:00 but we may well be taking calls and prepping orders Saturday ay 9:00 PM (or Christmas day for that matter).  We are going to try adopting an SSI policy.  (Sustainable Sanity Intiative)  Sundays are going to be for us - for family - for fun stuff like mowing the lawn.  :-)  On-line store will still be active and the phone voicemail holds a whole pile of messages.  We'll let you know how it works out.  :-)

 ^^ Pfft!!!  Well that didn't work.  

What an incredible year 2016 was!  I'm sure "Forged in Fire" has had a huge influence on our community and while it sometimes takes some 'entertainmenet liberties', it has gone so very far in creating interest and respect for the honourable craft.  The re-introduction of Beaumont Metal's KMG grinder to Canada has been successful beyond our wildest dreams.  Combined with the Canadian Made BEE grinder, we now proudly offer two of the best grinders in existence.  Our webstore keeps growing and evolving to meet new challenges in scale, security and performance.  With your support, we have no doubt that 2017 will be another banner year.  Ready!  Set! ............. :-)

Most of you are aware that we are an on-line business, and really not set up for attendance of the public.  That said, from time to time we do try to accommodate someone who wants to pick up a large item to avoid major shipping expenses.  We recently had Alberta knifemaker Jeremy Goertz arrange a visit to pick up his new KMG grinder.  He has a YouTube channel and posted his trip, including my messy shop for all the world to see. He also has a great video on how to make a knife with simple tools.


Rob and Marilyn