STA-S - Spare Steel Tooling Arm

STA-S - Spare Steel Tooling Arm


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Extra tooling arms for the KMG allow you to quickly change attachments by sliding the entire arm and attachment out, and inserting the next arm with a different attachment ready to go. These are a real time saver!


There are no performance differences between the Aluminum and Steel arms.  Based on our testing, they run exactly the same with all of our attachments.  Here are a few considerations: 


  • Aluminum arms are 1/3 the weight of Steel arms and are much easier to lift.
  • The Steel arms will take more shop abuse if you are rough on your machinery and tend to drop or bang things together.
  • Aluminum arms compliment smaller attachments such as the Small Wheel Attachment.
  • Aluminum arms are more popular and out sell steel by approx 4 to 1.