Paragon Kilns

Canadian Knifemaker Supply is proud to represent The full line of Knife Making Kilns from Paragon Industries.  These kilns are built extremely solid and represent the pinnacle of custom knife making heat treatment capabilities.  Each one is built for you when you order it.  Lead time varies, but as this is written, about 5 weeks.  Sorry - no sales outside Canada.

A wide variety is available.  Only a few of the most popular models are offered in the store.

Free Standard Ground Shipping to *most Canadian destinations. 

The price you see is in Canadian dollars - at your door.  No currency exchange - no bank exchange fees - no international shipping fees - no brokerage, customs, duties.  Checkout in the store for your 'at the door price".

*Remote, fly-in, islands, no road access, or destinations requiring ferry are excluded.  For those locations, we will deduct $300.00 from actual shipping costs.  If you are unsure if you fall into this group, please call us.  Lead time varies - often about 5 weeks.


From the manufacturer;

The soul of the blade is born in the crucible of the furnace. Once you own a Paragon knifemaking furnace, you can begin experimenting with heat treating ideas whenever you desire. Stay up late to heat treat an exciting blade design just in time for a special award ceremony or gift presentation. Paragon knife making furnaces are made in America by skilled craftsmen. 45% of our factory work force has been here over 10 years; 20% have worked here over 20 years. The knifemaking furnace manual includes instructions for heat treating D-2, 440C, ATS 34, 154 CM, O-1, and A-2 high carbon steels. Before buying a furnace, ask your knifemaking friends for a recommendation. Chances are they own Paragon furnaces themselves.



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10000017859 Paragon KM18T Pro 3 Zone
  • $5175.00
10000017859-clone-1 Paragon KM24T Pro 3 Zone
  • $5925.07
10000017859-clone-2 Paragon Xpress-KM-14T
  • $2400.07
10000017859-clone-2-clone-1 Paragon KM-18T
  • $2912.15
10000017859-clone-2-clone-1-clon Paragon KM-45T
  • $4741.53
824d210106e7994fde3bf181e9d8d16b Paragon KM-36T
  • $3364.50
cbe1af4358976e281b2b5b4e4339cc80 Paragon KM-14T
  • $2688.85
7773deaed773c4b497d051c6b407e409 Paragon KM-18T Sentinel
  • $3110.00