Christmas Gift Ideas

We have a number of Christmas Gift Ideas that will make the experienced or novice knifemaker happy. 

Moen Blade Grinding Fixture: is by far & away the best blade grinding fixture on the market! Allows you to increase your speed & accuracy on your grind lines, mirror match both side with ease! Its adjustable blade clamp support allows flat hollow grind angles from -22 to +22 degrees all from the top. Game changer. 

Exotic Handle Material Gift Pack: Looking for a special gift for the Knifemaker? How about an assortment of our exotic handle material. This Christmas Gift includes three blocks. One of each: Raffir - Glow Uranium, Juma Gem and  Ultrex - SureTouch Special Christmas Offer Regular $137.74 Christmas Special $124.00

Popular G-10 Handle Material Gift Pack:  G-10 is resistant to temperature and extremely lightweight. G-10 is rugged, resilient, reliable and offers brilliant colors, extreme toughness, durability, and chemical resistance. Ready to use at 3/8 x 5 x 6 Special Christmas Offer 3 Colours Regular $45.00 Christmas Special $40.00.

Bladesmith Starter Kits - 1 Blade Option or 2 Blade Option: Our Starter Kits contain all of the supplies to make one or two knives chef or hunting knife. Materials include steel, handle materials, brass pins, glue, sand paper and blade templates. Information Sheets include: Steps to Make a Knife, Product Information & Heat Treatment Recipes

Norton Blaze Belt Starter Packs: Norton 980 Ceramic BLAZE Starter Pack has 2 x 36 grit 2 x 60 grit 2 x 120 grit. This is highest grade of ceramic belts. Premium grinding with cooler cutting Norton SG ceramic abrasive grain. Lasts 50% - 200% longer on mild and carbon steel and stainless vs aluminum oxide belt. Greater productivity; low grinding costs. 

Canadian Knifemaker Gift Cards:  We offer gift cards starting at $25.00: We can make any amount. Just ask us!