1075 Carbon Blade Steel

A steel frequently used for larger blades and swords, but used just as regularly in everything from bowies to kitchen knives, 1075 is tough, durable, and hypo-eutectic, which means it is very forgiving during heat treatment across a wide range of quenching fluids employed by the knife community–a very convenient option when one does not have access to some heat treat equipment and materials that benefit hyper-eutectoid steels like 1095 or W2.

1075 comes pickled, annealed, and slightly oversized. Aside from its durability and toughness alone, it has become an excellent steel choice for mixing with 1045 or 15n20 for damascus production.

Some recent minor adjustments to the chemistry have resulted in knives differentially hardened that produce some very exquisite hamons that many had not thought possible with hypo-eutectoid steel.

Whether you want to make a simple hunter or an elaborate full two-handed broadsword, you won’t be disappointed with 1075.

    For 1075 Heat Treatment Recipe follow this link: