August 2015 News

Well, our Year End was July, so it's been a zoo with inventory and year end books.  The good news is that - thanks to all of you, we had our best year ever with gross sales up more than 30% over 2014.  Your patronage is truly appreciated. 

Now that all that is up to date, we can start restocking things that have been getting low.  It's already begun with Personalizer Plus Etchers and stencil makers back in stock as well as kilns and tool / carbon steels just to mention a few. 

We've been blessed with a visit from the grandkids here for a couple weeks (while their parents went to Newfoundland to play with Lego - Don't ask).  They go home sometime on Saturday ( the 22nd ).  It's been an adventure but business may suffer on Sunday.  Plans are to sleep in - champaign breakfast - hot tub - wine - quiet walk in the woods - more wine - something for lunch that doesn't get dipped in gobs of ketchup - maybe a little after lunch wine.

You can call on Sunday, but don't really expect an answer - and the rest of the week may be sketchy.  :-)  

Happy Summer

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