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1/16 x 1 .5 1095 Carbon Blade Steel sold per foot
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1/16 x 1 .5 1095 Carbon Blade Steel sold per foot

Note:  We brought this in so you damascus guys could get your layer count up in the initial billet.  I'm dreading the guy who makes a carving knife out of 1/16 1095.  I fully expect it will look like a potato chip.  Plan accordingly.

Now sold by the foot.

If you do not include cutting instructions, the 48" lengths will be cut in half if you order 4 ft; 5 feet would be sent as 3 ft and 2 ft ; and 6 ft would be sent as 3 x 2 ft.

1095 is often recommended as a beginner steel. We respectfully disagree. Heat treat of this steel is very finicky with a fine line between a blade that doesn't harden and a blade that cracks or breaks. 1095 can be a nice addition to damascus - and will take a nice hammon - both advanced skills. Beginners may want to conside 1084 instead, which makes a blade every bit the performance equal of 1095, but is much more forgiving in heat treat.

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