1084 Carbon Steel

1084 has .84% carbon - the much sought after 'eutectoid' point. Google can probably answer your question about this better than I can. :-)

Now sold by the foot

This steel comes to us in 4 foot bars, but any parcel over a meter long will incurr an extra "oversize surcharge" from Canada Post that will have to be added manually.  Please advise how you would like it cut.  We may limit the availabilty of 3 foot bars.


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  • 1084 is a carbon steel, so it will tarnish and it will rust if not properly cared for. 1084 is an eutectoid steel, so it is very easy to heat treat and makes a fine knife blade. It is often recommended as the best steel for a knifemakers first blade and it is also respected and used by experienced makers. Very reasonably priced - and this is the good stuff.

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    Excellent quality 1084 barstock - comes to us in 4 foot bars (sold per foot) but we're happy to cut to your length. 1084 is the 'eutectoid point' where carbon content is balanced with the iron for steel formation. This is a very forgiving carbon steel and makes a fine carbon steel blade.


    Now sold by the foot.

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