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Heat Treat  6" to 8" piece
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Heat Treat 6" to 8" piece

Heat Treat 6" to 8" piece
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Heat Treat prices are based on length of the piece because our biggest expense is the double foil wrap we use. Blades done here come out nice and clean. The plate quenched ones can often be finished with no more than the buffer. If you'd like a look at out process, check out the EvenHeat Website and scroll down to Ranger Original.  This is a custom service and we heat treat to your specs.  We now do oil quench steels as well well (same prices) but prefer not to do 1095 yet.  We are working on getting the proper quenchants and equipment set up for that.
Note:  We rarely damage a blade.  It does happen.  If we do, we will not charge and we will replace your steel with the closest thing we have available.  We cannot replace your labour.  Sorry.
This size range ( 6" to 8" length) is intended for neckers, capers and small kitchen knives.  Our ruler is printed on a stiff bungee cord.  We can be pretty generous.  :-)
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