Guess I was getting a little behind.  The Post Office union is indeed striking on a rotating basis.  So far they have been 1 or 2 days duration per place but this is backing up the works for delays far in excess of what is actually shut down.  Try to be patient.  It isn't the people.  It's the power-mongers.


Most of you are aware that we are an on-line business, and really not set up for attendance of the public.  That said, from time to time we do try to accommodate someone who wants to pick up a large item to avoid major shipping expenses.  We recently had Alberta knifemaker Jeremy Goertz arrange a visit to pick up his new KMG grinder.  He has a YouTube channel and posted his trip, including my messy shop for all the world to see. He also has a great video on how to make a knife with simple tools.


Rob and Marilyn