PLEASE READ.  Over the first week or two of February, we will be adding 4000 pounds of steel to the on-line store and changing pricing / ordering from "by the inch" to "by the foot".  Some products will be offline while changes are made before being returned in the new format.  Please note carefully the item description regarding inch quantity or foot quantity.  We apologize for any confusion.

Tool and Carbon are in the store - up to date - and by the foot.  Bad news is that we got NO 1/8 1084.  :-(

Most of you are aware that we are an on-line business, and really not set up for attendance of the public.  That said, from time to time we do try to accommodate someone who wants to pick up a large item to avoid major shipping expenses.  We recently had Alberta knifemaker Jeremy Goertz arrange a visit to pick up his new KMG grinder.  He has a YouTube channel and posted his trip, including my messy shop for all the world to see. He also has a great video on how to make a knife with simple tools.


Rob and Marilyn