KMG - The Knife Maker's Grinder

The KMG from Beaumont Metal Works is arguably the most famous knife making grinder in the world.  Developed in consultation with untold numbers of makers from all corners of the craft, it serves well for the hobbiest, the production shop and all in between.


The modular design of the KMG offers everything you need and nothing you don't - all at top quality - reasonable price and in time proven design. 


We sell these machines without motor, because it simply isn't economical to ship 40 pound motors up from the US and then from here to you. We've had a few people ask for complete machines, ready to plug in.  We need to point out that even the complete machines from Beaumont still require you to add power cord, switch and plug, so it doesn't get you out of the wiring part really either.  The grinder with 1 1/2 HP motor from Beaumont with baseplate is going to cost (at this writing) about $750 cdn more than the machine without motor - and you still have to wire it.  That doesn't even take into account increased shipping.  You can buy the 1 1/2 HP TEFC motor at Princess Auto for $299 cdn even when it isn't on sale.  With the three step pulleys, you get speeds of 900, 1800 and 3600 surface feet per minute belt speeds.  Pretty hard to beat that. 


Now, if you won the lottery - and the three speed setup isn't good enough, you could get the VFD drive version - about $1500 on top of the grinder price.  We can order these for you, but I hope you can see why we aren't stocking them.


You can buy motors at electrical supply houses, or notably at places like Princess Auto very reasonably and in variety we could not possibly offer.  Note that motors should be TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) because grinding dust eats motors in very short order.  We do offer 3 step pulleys so you can have a very economical speed control option.


Canadian Knifemaker Supply Ltd is proud to be the approved distributor representing Beaumont Metal Works in Canada.  Credit where it's due.  The awesome pictures and much of the description are straight off the Beaumont Metal Works website, used here with much appreciated permission


Check out the selection.  If you see it here, it is in stock - in Canada - ready to ship directly to you.  No exchange - No international shipping - no brokerage fees at the border.  If you don't see what you want here. check out the manufacturer's website at .  Our best price offering to you will rely heavily on bringing in product in bulk.  We can, of course special order, but prices will reflect accordingly.




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10000017484 KMG-10 3 speed
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10000017493 Horizontal Belt Grinder EF-48 1 HP variable speed Only 1 left in stock
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10000017477 KMG-PL 3 speed with 1.5 HP motor
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10000017461 9" Aluminum Flat Face Disk
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10000017461-571e9cb85f09c9.53731 9" Aluminum Beveled Face Disk
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