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Welcome to Knifemaker.ca - the on-line access point to Canadian KnifeMaker Supply Ltd.  If you need something that you don't see, please phone or email us.  It seems we always have things waiting in line that are yet to be entered here. Thanks for your patience.
Welcome back - watch the store grow!
AEB-L Stainless
We are now stocked pretty well with AEB-L in 1/16, 3/32, and 1/8.  This is a remarkable steel for so many reasons.  It is stainless so suitable for kitchen, or field use.  It has only 0.67% carbon, so, while is still gets very hard, it simply does not form primary carbides.  Those huge primary carbides make edges tough to develop in the first place, and they cause imperfections along the edge when they tear out.  This steel was developed for RAZOR BLADES so the perfect edge without tear-outs is critical. Heat treat is simple with results between 55 and 60 attainable without cryo and 62+ with cryo.  It comes with a smooth exterior - no pebbled surface to grind off.  Is this starting to sound like a sweet blade steel?  Need more to convince you?  It is cheaper than 440C!!!!!!
Smell that??  It's  W2
Just got about $15,000 worth of steel in.  W2, 1084, AEBL. It's all in the store and ready for your projects.  This steel is famous for outstanding hamons.
Cut to length
CKSL has long held the opinion that you should not have to buy a foot of steel to make a nine inch knife.  That's why we sell steel mostly by the linear inch and we're glad to lop off a 9" piece for you.  Similarly, if you'd like us to cut a bar in half to get around the postal "oversize surcharges" we're happy to do that too.  Recently, however we've had a few requests that have taken their toll, leaving our staff stuck at the saw for hours.  One person wanted 300 inches each of two different steels, cut to 5" lengths (presumably for Damascus).  Another wanted 100 inches cut into 8" pieces...  (think about it...).  This was never our intention and we've come to a point where we have to draw some lines.  Our intent has always been - and our policy now is - to offer one cut per bar at no charge.  That might be the 5" piece you need for the folder blade, or it might be cutting the bar in half to get under the postal length, but please, if you need a 9" piece and an 8" piece, just order 17" and cut it shorter in your shop.  We're trying very hard to hold the line on prices and process your orders in a timely manner and your cooperation is greatly appreciated.
Our On-Line Store - Now with Mobile Version
For many years now, we have used X-Cart software for our on-line store.  We've done most of the setup and maintenance ourselves, but some module installations have been handled by the good people at BCS Engineering.
They've recently gone through and updated all patches, but what you may notice more is the new mobile version.  Our store has been pretty good on a desktop or laptop (pat self on back  :-) ) but it's been way too crowded for your smartphone.  Now, if the store senses a mobile device, it will give you a much cleaner - larger - uncluttered view to place your order.  Let us know what you think.

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